Program Policies

Please be sure to be present and on time because most Build It classes will build upon the concepts taught from week to week. Unless prior arrangements are made with the program instructor, absences may not be made up or substituted for another program. During the school year, it may be possible to substitute a Friday Build It! Open Lab session for missed classes, but only if the absence is communicated with the instructor in advance. Please note that though this substitution is offered as a service to the student when possible, it may not be available for every absence.
A program may be cancelled if it has an insufficient number of students registered by the week before the scheduled start date. All students who are registered for a cancelled program will receive a full refund of their registration fees. We will make every effort to provide timely notice of cancellations to all registered students.
Charter School Vendor Program
Build It proudly partners with several schools in the Redding area as an education program vendor. This partnership allows Build It to offer our after-school classes for free or at a discount to students attending those schools. To sign up for classes through the vendor program, a student must be registered both (1) through our website and (2) through the school's vendor program sign-up process.
To complete the part 1 of the registration process, you must register for your class on our website.  Please use the following coupon codes during checkout to allow your cart total to reflect the school discount:

  • Students at Evergreen Institute of Excellence, use coupon code "EVERGREEN".
  • Students at Grant School, use coupon code "GRANT".
  • Students at New Day Academy, use coupon code "NDA".
  • Students at Phoenix Charter Academy, use coupon code "PCA".
  • Students at Redding School of the Arts Homeschool, use coupon code "RSAHOMESCHOOL".
  • Students at Stellar Charter School, use coupon code "STELLAR".

Please note that registering online is only part 1 of the vendor program registration process. All students who register with the vendor program coupon codes will be allowed to attend class only after their school has approved their applications. Therefore, students are not registered for the class until they have also completed part 2 by signing up through their school's application process. Please contact your classroom teacher or school administrator for more information.
Also, please note that charter schools do not pay for classes that their students miss or for classes that are held on school holidays. Under this program, such class sessions are the family's financial responsibility, not their school's responsibility. If you are registered for Build It classes through the vendorship program and you miss a scheduled class or attend a class on a school holiday, you will be billed for that week of class.
A full refund will be given to students who withdraw from programs at least 7 days before the first scheduled program session. A 50% refund will be given to students who withdraw from programs before the second scheduled program session. After the second program session, no refunds will be given for withdrawals.
Payment Methods
Our online store processes payment through PayPal, which securely accepts all major credit cards. If you would prefer to pay by check or cash, please contact us by email at
Waiting Lists
After a program's maximum enrollment is reached, students may still sign up for the program's waiting list. Full program payment is required to hold the student's position on the waiting list, but the payment will be refunded in full if (1) the student is not offered enrollment in the program or (2) the student withdraws from the waiting list. If a place in the program opens, students on the waiting list will be contacted by phone in the order that they joined the waiting list. Because of the time-sensitive nature of waiting lists, however, if a student on the waiting list is unreachable by phone, his or her spot may be given to another student on the waiting list. After a student on the waiting list accepts enrollment into the program, the normal refund policy will apply to that student's registration.

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